x4 Seasons Club Benefitsx
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Through our club, we try to provide our members with local access to both new and used parts, vehicle repair services, parts identification,  and cross reference services.  Our goal is to assist in allowing easy and reasonably-priced access to the old car hobby.  We like cars, people, kids, cookouts, walks on the beach (while talking about cars), and car parts. As part of our membership we offer a bi-monthly newsletter, called the 4 Season Ramblings.  This publication includes ads, articles, tips and lists of club (and other) meetings and events.  Issues are normally published in mid February, April, June, August, October and December.  In addition, there is a special July "Show" edition available to those who attend our annual X'4 Seasons Rambler Regional Show'.  Each year, club members also receive a new spring addition of the 4 Seasons roster.  The roster includes names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and cars of all 4 Season members, as well as a list of services and assistance that some of our members provide.  Club meetings are informal and although it's nice to see everyone, attendance is not mandatory.  Most meetings/cookouts are held Sunday afternoon (per membership vote).
Scheduled meetings are:
Annual update meeting the first Sunday in February.
Season kickoff meeting/cookout the first Sunday in June.
'4 Seasons Rambler Regional' show the 4th weekend in July (Nashua NH).
Other meetings/cookouts (about 1 per month) are scheduled as the interest or need arises.

The 4 Seasons AMCRC and Rambler Club is an independent club, though we're also a registered chapter of the AMCRC, a national Rambler club based in Ohio.  Within our New England club, almost half of our members also belong to the AMCRC.  While the AMCRC caters specifically to the AMC "Rambler" years between 1958 to 1969, our 4 Seasons Club is open to all AMC, Rambler, Hudson, Nash and Metropolitan (including Jeep and Eagle though 1987).  Our dues are a totaly-non-profit $15.00, renewable per calendar year (Jan. - Dec.).

If you are not a club member but are interested in joining, please e-mail me by clicking my name

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